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Jobs are Stepping Stones to Building Prosperity

Our mission is to revitalize high-poverty neighborhoods and bring dignity to underserved populations. We do so by supporting and investing in entrepreneurs and small businesses to foster job creation.

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Venture Jobs Foundation Provides the Missing Piece…

Entrepreneurs and small business starters can create a tremendous impact on our entire community, but they may lack year-round cash flow, physical assets, or personal net worth. When they have trouble meeting traditional lending requirements, their plans can come to a halt. That’s where we come in.

“Sometimes the most critical thing you could be missing comes from an unlikely source. Venture Jobs Foundation gave me connections to information I didn’t know I needed.”

Paula, Owner of Paula’s Essentials

“We had many of the core components to our business, but we needed guidance. Venture Jobs Foundation provided education and resources — and now we’re looking for opportunities to pay it forward.”

Toby & Dorian, Co-Inventors of the DipitBrand Condiment Carton

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Join us for informed, inspiring conversations with local and national thought leaders, entrepreneurs, finance gurus, and other experts focused on demonstrating what works, what’s possible, and what we can all do to create a brighter economic future, right now. 

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