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Our mission is to revitalize high-poverty neighborhoods and bring dignity to underserved populations. We do so by supporting and investing in entrepreneurs and small businesses to foster job creation.

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Capital Access for Entrepreneurs

Capital Access for Entrepreneurs (CAFE) is designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in managing business finances. Our 10-part workshop series offers hands-on, intermediate-level sessions that focus on how to apply basic financial principles to effectively plan and manage your business, adapt to challenges as they arise, and position your business to gain access to the loans needed to enable growth.

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October 2nd - December 13th


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Venture Jobs Foundation Provides the Missing Piece…

Entrepreneurs and small business starters can create a tremendous impact on our entire community, but they may lack year-round cash flow, physical assets, or personal net worth. When they have trouble meeting traditional lending requirements, their plans can come to a halt. That’s where we come in.

“Venture Jobs really helped me to lay the foundation for my family and my neighborhood.”

Gilberto Vargas, Owner of GVIII Barbershops

“Venture Jobs has the knowledge and they are willing to share it with people like me. Their help is highly impactful. They are filling a gap in communities that need it most and are connecting people to incredible opportunities. I even received a scholarship to attend a Stanford University mindfulness training because of their support.”

Rosa Marie Curtis, Owner of Marvelous Mind Academy