The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece

Piecing Together Possibilities

Jobs are the key to combating poverty and revitalizing neighborhoods, and small businesses and entrepreneurs can generate those jobs — but not always on their own. Something critical is often missing. At Venture Jobs Foundation, we help small business starters and entrepreneurs fill in the gaps so they can pursue their dream.

Our Jobs Kitchen Accelerator Program serves as a launchpad for many entrepreneurs to turn their business plans into reality, giving them the connections, tools, and insights they need to succeed.

Meet Rosa Marie Curtis

Rosa Marie Curtis was motivated to grow her childcare services into a business that allowed other parents to be fully present in their children's lives. She was introduced to the Jobs Kitchen Accelerator and with their support has grown her business, secured a physical space for parents to bring their children, and hired staff who will be able to be paid a true living wage. Rosa says the Jobs Kitchen Accelerator really helped her to hone in on her idea to be able to best communicate her services.

“Venture Jobs Foundation is a true part of my team. I really do hold them near and dear. Because of Venture Jobs, I am better equipped to bring on staff and retain them, and doing that at a living wage is highly impactful for our community!”

Rosa Marie applied for a loan with the Venture Jobs Foundation when traditional small business financing didn't work out for her. Rosa Marie is the owner of Marvelous Mind Academy and is grateful for the continuous and foundational support that the Venture Jobs Foundation has and is still providing to her business and considers them a part of her team.

Meet Gilberto Vargas

Gilberto Vargas started his company, GVIII Barbershops, to continue his passion and to support his family. Every day he is inspired by the people he gets to work with and his motivation is rooted in supporting the community and his ability to help grow the barber industry in Rochester. The Venture Jobs Foundation's mission is centered around job creation and prosperity for all. Gilberto received a microloan to open a second barbershop — an achievement he's proud of because it will provide more community members with jobs to support their families.

“Venture Jobs really helped me to lay the foundation for my family and my neighborhood.”

Help Launch Dreams and Lift Neighborhoods

Join us in giving entrepreneurs and small business starters the missing piece they need. Give today to support Venture Jobs Foundation business mentoring programs and social impact investments.