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Growth Lending

The Venture Jobs Foundation expects to launch its growth lending program late in 2020. This program will provide growth capital to small businesses that have successfully launched operations and have solid growth opportunities.



Our Focus Area
We will focus on small businesses that require capital to take advantage of growth opportunities but cannot readily secure needed funds from traditional lenders. The VJF will consider providing such growth funding (up to a maximum) based on the nature of the growth opportunity and the financial strength of the loan applicant.


Launching Dreams
Our mission is to lend to businesses that will use our capital to continue to grow and commit to creating new, inclusive and walkable jobs in challenged neighborhoods. Eligible applicants must generally be located in, or agree to relocate to, a low-income neighborhood. If any specialized capabilities are needed, we favor businesses that can rapidly train, or be accountable for training new employees in needed skill areas.


Lifting Neighborhoods
We will also consider investing in the restoration of commercial or mixed-use properties when our capital will lift the appeal of a neighborhood. This may be by collaborating with other initiatives that increase the vibrancy of a community or creating space enabling the presence of essential services, such as health, wellness and healthy food, needed to support residents.


Those interested in learning more about our growth loan programs may contact the VJF by email at loans@venturejobs.org.