The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece

Piecing Together Possibilities

Jobs are the key to combating poverty and revitalizing neighborhoods, and small businesses and entrepreneurs can generate those jobs — but not always on their own. Something critical is often missing. At Venture Jobs Foundation, we help small business starters and entrepreneurs fill in the gaps so they can pursue their dream.

Our Jobs Kitchen Accelerator Program serves as a launchpad for many entrepreneurs to turn their business plans into reality, giving them the connections, tools, and insights they need to succeed.

Meet Paula

Paula always wanted to run her own business. She began in a nail salon, blending oils for massaging the hands and feet, and then took her business to the Rochester public market. As her products expanded to include fragrances, lotions, tattoo care, and more, she balanced the challenges of expanding her small business with raising a family.

Paula was part of a Jobs Kitchen Accelerator cohort that gave her access to like-minded entrepreneurs with ideas to share. Through roundtable-type discussions, Paula was advised to take a simple but powerful step — add a branded car freshener with her contact information, free with purchase to customers.

“It was just a small business to-do, but [my customers] were so happy! The information that was offered within Jobs Kitchen was real and helpful.”

Paula also came to the Jobs Kitchen Accelerator Program with questions about trademarking her products. She received the information and contacts she needed to navigate registered trademark requirements and distribution milestones, and she’s now working to get Paula’s Essentials onto shelves at larger stores.

“When you’re successful, you’re able to help the next generation who has the same dream. Sometimes all it takes is to see someone else be successful that they can relate to.”

Meet Toby & Dorian

A trip to a fast food restaurant inspired Toby to invent a solution to a once messy inconvenience. The Dipit Brand Condiment Carton gives individuals a clean, easy way to enjoy a variety of finger foods and condiments on the go. Toby partnered with Dorian to bring this brainchild to life, and the two participated in a Jobs Kitchen Accelerator cohort to gain a greater understanding of the manufacturing and accounting components of owning a small business.

The resources Toby and Dorian received as part of the Jobs Kitchen Accelerator Program extended beyond financial information. They were introduced to a new network of professionals that helped them advance their mission.

“We learned valuable information from the other participants. The program helped us fill in some general gaps we had and gave us a step-by-step process for our startup.”

Today, the Dipit Brand Condiment Carton is available in both a one-time-use paper version and an eco-friendly reusable plastic version, and it can be customized for businesses to promote their brand. Toby and Dorian are driven to give back to their community through their success, with 10% of their profits benefitting programs that serve the homeless.

“Rochester is rich with ingenuity and thought leaders. When one startup or small business succeeds, others will follow. We want to give other people the motivation and belief that, even if they don’t yet have the proper resources, they can make their dreams a reality.”

Help Launch Dreams and Lift Neighborhoods

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