Jobs Kitchen Accelerator

The VJF combats poverty in the Rochester region through small businesses investments that will drive new job creation in challenged neighborhoods. 

We invest in small businesses that do not have ready access to capital from traditional lending sources and will use VJF investments to create low and mid skill jobs in our target neighborhoods.  Each recipient of a VJF investment must commit in writing to add new jobs as a condition of receiving our capital.

The VJF Jobs Kitchen accelerator program enables small business starters and owners to refine their business concepts or plans for future growth and increase their potential to access startup or growth capital.

The VJF supports owner-entrepreneurs seeking to create new jobs.  We believe that people are what really matter, as much as the ideas they bring to the program. Regardless of what stage you’ve reached in launching your business, the VJF Jobs Kitchen accelerator program, using an experiential learning approach developed by CO.STARTERS for small business formation and growth, will help you find the best way to pursue your dream.

By making concepts and language easy to understand, we help business starters or owners focus on the important practical steps to launch or grow a business, moving them quickly toward their goals.

We also believe that individuals thrive in the context of community.  The Jobs Kitchen brings people together to learn from one another and create a strong network of support for like-minded entrepreneurs

The Jobs Kitchen is a nine-week evening program.  Sessions begin about 5:30 pm and end at 9 pm.  You’ll develop and fine-tune ideas, critically examining every part and determining next steps through real-time feedback from people in the community. Guest speakers bring “real world” views on key subjects.

During the first eight weeks, sessions focus on knowing yourself, knowing your customer and developing customer relationships, how to start small and grow, types of business you can form and legal issues, understanding costs and breaking even, projecting sales and cash flows, and lastly how to set goals and access capital you’ll need to grow and create new jobs.  Week 9 celebrates progress and includes presenting your business to a larger audience.

The Jobs Kitchen accelerator program validates and refines the business model and customer value proposition of each participant, with the goal of increasing their growth potential and readiness for funding their business.

Each participant is paired with an experienced mentor who actively supports their progress and is available to help with assigned work or other issues impacting a participant’s business opportunity.  Customer contacts are assigned throughout the program as participants fine tune their business plan.  

The program is offered three times each year.  Scholarship assistance is available.  To learn more about the Jobs Kitchen, click here to download our informational brochure.  Specific questions can be directed to

To apply for a future Jobs Kitchen cohort, please click on the “APPLY NOW” button below and complete the form. 


News & Events

Public Meetings in September

Venture Jobs Foundation will host a series of public meetings during September 2019 to inform people about the opportunities with its Rochester Loan Fund. The dates of the public meetings are: * Monday September 16 Arnett Branch Public Library at 2:00 and 6:00 pm * Thursday September 26 Spot Coffee, East Ave at 6:00 pm * Friday September 27 Spot Coffee, East Ave at 7:30 am Click here for more information about the Rochester Loan Fund

JPMorgan grant to create jobs program

The Venture Jobs Foundation on Thursday announced it has received a $100,000.00 grant from JPMorgan Chase & Co. to establish the VJF Jobs Kitchen program. By: Rochester Business Journal Staff June 2, 2017

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