Venture Capital

The Venture Jobs Foundation is considering the launch of a venture capital investment program.  We expect to announce more detail about the program and its launch schedule in 2019 or 2020.

The mission of the VJF is to invest in small businesses that will bring new jobs to low income neighborhoods.  In the case of our loan programs, we fund small businesses located in such neighborhoods and which will use our capital to create new, low to medium skill job opportunities that can be met by individuals living in our target neighborhoods.

With our venture capital programs, we will invest in businesses having the growth and scale potential sought by institutional venture funds.  We expect to co-invest with such funds where there is mutual investment interest. 

Given the charitable purpose of the VJF to invest in small businesses located in low income neighborhoods, venture businesses that we are prepared to fund would either be located in a qualified low income neighborhood or commit to relocate to such a neighborhood as a condition of receiving our capital.  Many urban “innovation zones” would meet our requirements as they are selected to create wealth that uplifts more challenged neighborhoods.

Those interested in learning more about our venture capital program or our timetable for launching the program may contact the VJF at:

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