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A mobile app for the civic-minded to discover, create, and share community service opportunities.

Development on the Voluncruit app began in July 2014; however, the idea for our volunteer platform was imagined in 2012 during the cleanup and relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy. While lifting cases of bottled water into military Humvees and clearing debris from water-logged basements, I wondered what the potential of civic activity could be if everyone had the opportunity to engage in their community every day.

We started asking ourselves lots of questions like, what if every “volunteer” had the resources to create and host their own project. What if these hosts could instantly recruit and mobilize from a network of independent volunteers? Furthermore, what if organizations, especially in times of disaster, could organize their various relief needs and systematically recruit volunteers from this large pool of individuals? These questions evolved into Voluncruit, our solution for making civic engagement easier.

Let’s face it, sometimes volunteering is not convenient. Between work, school, family, and other obligations, being able to volunteer regularly can be very hard. We all want to pitch in, but the timing or the opportunity just isn’t convenient. Voluncruit solves this problem by letting you discover and sign up for projects that fit in your schedule right from your smartphone.

Among the features included on v1.0 of the Voluncruit app are: searching, selecting, and signing up for projects quickly and securely; creating and managing your own projects; communicating with project participants on discussion boards; connecting with and posting to social networks; tracking your own history of civic activity; and storing photos of your civic work.

Voluncruit makes civic engagement mobile, simple, and convenient.

This initial version of Voluncruit focuses on peer-to-peer engagement. With your support, however, we will be able to expand Voluncruit to organizations and businesses. The next version of Voluncruit will allow organizations to post projects and recruit volunteers. Users will be able to follow the activities of organizations and businesses.

We are also developing an entire rewards and incentive program that recognizes the accomplishments of all individuals, organizations, and businesses. If you have some corporate social responsibility goals you want to hit, then Voluncruit will be the best tool to help you reach them. If you need to mobilize quickly in reaction to an unexpected disaster, then Voluncruit can manage the entire process for you.

The potential of Voluncruit, and the possibility of bringing our vision of a world where everyone has the opportunity to engage in their community every day, depends on you. With your support, we will expand our team so that we can introduce the features described above, execute our marketing plan to get more users downloading our app, and solicit more projects for which users can sign up. We will also be able to bring Voluncruit to the both the iPhone and Android platforms. Our biggest risk is not getting enough projects on Voluncruit to support a viable number of volunteers. Your donations will help us overcome that hurdle.

In the meantime, you will be able to download v1.0 of Voluncruit from the Apple Store in September.

Check us out at www.Voluncruit.com and feel free to reach out to us. We want to hear from you!



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