Mike Ingham


Mike Ingham spearheaded the Rochester Kiva City initiative.  Kiva.org is a platform enabling crowd source microfunding for small businesses that traditionally would not have a source of start-up capital. As a trustee for Kiva, he is working with individual borrowers to help them through the loan process.  By making Rochester a Kiva City, we are coordinating a much bigger effort as part of the City’s poverty initiative.  We work closely with the office of innovation and we now have an employee working full time to expand the number of trustees and partners to find and mentor borrowers in the right areas.  A matching loan pool from the City further enhances the crowd sourced lending capital for the borrower.  Through crowdsourcing, Kiva has lent almost a billion dollars, $25 at a time.  Its success is based on human trust and collateral instead of traditional credit history and physical collateral, and that has lead to a remarkable 90+% payback rate.

Mike is the President of GRAAF (Greater Rochester Amateur Athletic Foundation), a nonprofit supporting local Rochester Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls.

He currently is coaching the US Sailing Olympic Team and in Sept ’16 coached the US Paralympic team to a Silver Medal at the Rio games.

Mike is a graduate of Cornell Electrical Engineering, and a successful high tech entrepreneur.


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